Am & Can Ch Quiche's Undercover Agent


Date of Birth: August 9, 1996

OFA  Hips BF-4178G25M-T
OFA  Elbows BF-EL573-T normal
OFA Heart CA-548/25M/C-T
Eyes CERF & Clear

                                                                                                                            Am Ch Galbraith's Iron Eyes ROMC, ROM
                                                  Am & Can Ch Aristes Hot Shot ROM, ROMC
                                                                                                                            Am Ch Xanadu Vronie vd Vanenblikhoeve ROM
Am & Can Ch Quiche's Some Like It Hot ROM, ROMC
                                                                                                                            Am, Can & Germ Ch Periander Filette vd Overstort
                                                Am & Can Ch Quiche Paige Filette ROMC
                                                                                                                            Can Ch Quiche's Nicole


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                                                                                                                            Am & Can Ch Zarco Iris vd Cerberushof
                           Am & Can Ch Quiche's Maverick ROM, ROMC
                                                                              Am &Can Ch Laurendell's Gidget de Quiche
Am & Can Ch Quiche's Orrissa At Ammonite ROMC
                                                                                                                             Du Ch Dominique Boheme v Rovika
                         Du Ch Gretta Chermain v Rovika
                                                                             Du Ch Chermaine Bernice v Rovika





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